Thursday, May 28, 2009


As a person, I have a lot of doubts what really heaven looks like. As a matter of fact, no person tells me that heaven is like this and that. Hence, I decided to read some articles about heaven and as I read more, I began to formulate another question and that is “Is heaven really true?” as a result I began to read the bible which contains lots of writings about heaven. The bible said that there are only two places a person will go after his/her death, and that is either heaven or hell. The prince of darkness reside their in hell and his companions are those who do evil things in this world, whether it is small or big as long as it is evil. However, in heaven, there is fullness of joy and unlimited celebration, for there is no sorrow and pain happen their said the Bible.

As I read it I began to question again, how will God know that a person is doing evil or not. Does he have a wireless camera and GPS (Global Positioning System) for instance to monitor me? Does he also have a computer with storage of more than 1000 gigabytes to save my profile and doings here on earth? Because of the questions pop – ups in my mind, I try for sometime to devote myself finding answer to my questions and I see the Bible as my reference.

I can assure for now that I am going to hell because I think I am not that good enough, so I search for a solution to have a way going to heaven. The Bible did not answer my question about technology but it helps me to find a solution about my problem of going to hell. The Bible said that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and no one can come to the father except through him. I cannot understand it for the first time but as I read further I began to notice the small changes in me and I began to understand that I have only a limited mind compare to God. Hence, I started to develop the term they called faith which believes on things people cannot see.

Are there computers in heaven? Of course there is. But I believe that it is more high tech than what we have here on earth right now. God is the source of wisdom and man’s wisdom comes from him. If man can make a computer, then it is God who plans it.

Therefore be a good steward of your life here on earth because God saves all you have done in his high tech laptop computer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


There are lots of laws that governs our universe such as law of gravity, law of aerodynamics, thermodynamics and many more. However there are also laws that governs our personal relationship with God and that is:
God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life but because of our stubbornness which leads us to sin,we humans cannot experience the said plan of God. In addition, we are also separated from the love of God that is why each human do something just to regain back the said plan. Some people do penance, good works and even being a member of a certain religion but still that solution is not enough. Since it is very impossible for us human to make a solution of our problem, therefore God made the solution for us and that is JESUS CHRIST. Hence, God said in His word in the Bible that Jesus Christ alone is the way, the truth and the life and no one can come to Him(God) except through His son which is JESUS CHRIST. However, we need also to do our part and that is to believe and receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal savior. We can only accept Him by opening the door of our hearts and personally invite Him to come and control our lives. Thus, I have made a suggested prayer here for us to be guided on how to receive Jesus Christ into our lives.

Lord Jesus, I need you. I admit my sinfulness and I cannot do things to erase that sinfulness of mine, but I thank you for the fullness of forgiveness that you have given. Hence, I am asking you to come into my life and be my Lord and Savior. Take control of this throne of my life and make me the kind of person you want me to be. Amen.

If you just sincerely pray that prayer, Jesus Christ will come into your life and you will have the fullness of forgiveness therefore the wonderful plan that God promise will be back to you.